Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Full Time Update

Our move to the full time life is moving at a frantic pace, but we are not overwhelmed anymore, just intent on getting the tasks at hand completed.

The house was listed on a Friday afternoon and we reviewed 9 offers the following Monday. We did not take the highest, but we did take one over the asking price; more importantly, it is a cash buyer with no contingencies - including no inspection. So we are now set to close on the sale May 25th. 

We are fortunate in the fact that Beth's mom's house is right next door. Since she is in an Assisted Living Facility we have the ability to use the house as a staging area. We have had some major cleaning to do and had flooring done in the bedrooms so it is in better shape. It allows us to actually store some items that we can decide to keep or not later. It also will allow us to have a place to stay if one of us has to come back here to tend to her mom. It is highly inadvisable to sell her mom's house while she is living in the ALF.

After the sale contract was executed, Jeff set about making reservations and getting our plans completed for the next year. We will be heading out around Florida/Georgia for a week or two at a time, then back in this area for a month or so at a time. Due to the snowbird population we actually stay in the general area for three months over winter (hard to get anything short term during that time) This allows Beth to visit her mom and make sure things are good here. We are now set to pull out of town on Saturday, May 29...effectively becoming "gypsies" (our affectionate term for full timing).

We have also started the process for getting our tow bar for the Jeep Wrangler. Jeff did the research and we are going with the Roadmaster Sterling all-terrain along with the Invisibrake system. We know we will be on level areas most of the time, but the Sterling allows for us to be a few inches "off", on inclines, or even in turn radius without binding. The setup is expensive, but it is a major piece to make sure the Jeep is towed properly and easy to hook and unhook. Hopefully that will all be installed within the next 2 weeks. They must keep the Jeep for a day to get the tow plate, braking system, and other items installed. Then we will bring the RV in to have it's components installed as well as getting a thorough walk-thru of "how to".

As of this writing, we are fairly done purging personal items and moving some into the other house to be stored. We plan on transitioning our bedroom and personal care items this coming weekend and will start staying in the the house after that point. This will provide the ability to get the sold house totally empty and ready for the new owners.

Since our mail service is now setup we'll start doing address changes a week or so before we head out. Most of all our accounts are online access so it is a formality really, not for actual mail. We will not be changing our vehicle info immediately. The plan is to pay off the rig and once the lien is released we'll have a "fun day" at the tax collector's office (Florida's version of the DMV) getting new driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and titles.

It still seems a bit surreal...but when we pull out of the neighborhood, Jeep in tow, it will be real. Once we hook up at our first RV park get set and have a cocktail to celebrate - then it will be real. The Gypsy Life for Us....😁

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