Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Pulling the Trigger - Fulltime

Well, it seems we have reached the milestone of going fulltime. The current real estate market in Florida is so "hot" that we need to take advantage before the bubble bursts. 

We will be listing the house this week and we are expecting to have a contract executed within a week (maybe within days of listing). We are fortunate that we have been purging possessions and are continuing to do so as of right now. We have the luxury of using Beth's mother house to stage ourselves for a short time while selling and getting loaded up. 

Mail Service

We have settled on using the Good Sam mail service for our mail forwarding service. After considering the options this one seemed the best for our situation as scanning envelopes is included and managing the mailbox seems to be a breeze. We can quickly choose to send or shred and can let them know to always shred some types of mail. This is the same as MyRVMail - one is for passport members and this one for Good Sam member discounts.

The mail service provides a physical address and the process to get setup was easy. We used their online notary option and the paperwork was completed quickly. Some people have made claim of having issues using the PMB (Personal Mail Box) with their bank but that truly seems to be the exception and not generally the rule. I reviewed several forums and found that almost everyone had easy time changing to the PMB.

We know we may still be a month or so away from changing our address, but it was best to be ready to go with this option so it is one more thing off the list. Next will be making list of all the accounts we need to update - which 90% are online.

Reservations Made

We have started a full breadth of reservations and are all set starting Sept 4 through the middle of April 2022 (with a nice trip to Vegas after our winter stay in Florida included). As is typical for Florida, we had to book for 90 days over winter. But with an average per night price of $37 for that reservation, it is not that bad.

We have the unique case that we need to stay in the area as Beth's mom is in an ALF and she needs to visit and be available. So our current plan is to take trips for a couple of weeks and then stay in the area for 3/4 weeks. 

Our only requirement may be to get reservations at some point in summer to fill the gap to Sept 4, which is not usually an issue in Florida and surrounds. 

The Future is Now

We have been talking about this move for a few years and Jeff even had a timeline board to track the significant event dates (social security, Medicare eligibility, etc.) It was always good to see us make some minor moves toward the goal of full time - but it is now accelerated. Jeff was to retire in March of 2022, but we can continue to work as needed from the RV using the jetpack and WeBoost cellular antenna. 

Nervous excitement, some stresses, but overall we feel good about this decision and the path forward. Selling the house, paying off the rig and starting the actual transition is upon us. We will be true full-timers - not just claiming that and then living in a campground in a trailer all year round. We will be doing a lot of traveling and seeing many wonderful places in the coming years...this has been our goal and it is soon to be reached.

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