Saturday, March 13, 2021

Installing Dirt the Devil CV1500 with Vroom

So, a few weeks ago we made a post about our newest upgrade purchase - the Dirt Devil CV1500 Vacuum with Vroom extension hose. 

This upgrade will provide a central vacuum and we can finally do away with our dust buster and broom/dustpan. The Vroom hose extends up to 35feet allowing it to reach front to back in our rig. We can quickly and easily extend the hose, use it to pick up small or large jobs and then retract it quickly. Having a couple of dogs this will help keep things in line (of course Jeff spreads some dirt too). 

The Dirt Devil bag that is available is not paper but a paper/cloth hybrid. It can hold a lot of debris without fear of it busting. It is located in the top of the unit and is an easy job to replace. It came with three bags and we ordered a few more 3 packs from Amazon just to be prepared.

Here is our video of the installation. Jeff did this and is still making some minor adjustments to the overall hose - and his back may need a bit of adjusting too after crawling around under the sink. 😄

Please bear in mind, this is his first video ever and had no one to hold the phone while creating it. He'll get better and will be doing another one that involves our awning tie down/poles to keep the awning out all the time (except for gale force storms 😬). Feel free to comment or ask questions - just be nice. 

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