Thursday, February 25, 2021

This RV Upgrade Really Sucks

First a shoutout to a great online store for RV upgrades and accessories - This current purchase has not been our first and probably will not be our last. This one came courtesy of one of their emails, as we had never really looked into this type of item - but we are looking forward to installing it and then putting it to use.

Ok, enough with the theatrics - introducing our current upgrade task - the Dirt Devil CV1500 Central Vacuum With Vroom RV Retractable Hose System. After taking a look at the reviews and the details of this item we decided it will be well worth the money (about $249). We will eliminate our old broom/dustpan and the "dust buster" hand held vacuum we use. The current plan is to install the power unit under the kitchen sink on one side, wrap the Vroom hose up around the sink and mount the access hose against the inside of the opposite kitchen cabinet door. The extended hose (35 feet) will reach back to the bedroom, bathroom and easily into the cockpit. 

The hope is to have this installed for our upcoming Key West trip. Jeff plans on actually making a video of the item and the install process. We'll publish that here on the blog for all to view (and maybe laugh out loud or some such). Stay tuned....

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