Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Inverter Saga - Part Deux

Life can throw you a lot of curves and time can escape from you so quickly. I realized that I had been neglecting this blog and amidst a lot of life events. Beth and I are fine, physically; but have had some intense things going on with her Mom. It has finally settled and now more can be done to continue our journey to full timing. 

Looking back on prior posts I noticed that I never provided an update to the inverter saga. Since the time I modified the inverter we have made 2 trips. Each trip had no issues with the modified inverter. 

I do take some level of precautions, which probably mean nothing but my own feeling of security. I do not start the inverter while I am connected to shore power. Once I disconnect either at home or at a park I then turn on the inverter. It powers up just fine and the refrigerator operates as it should. Also, before I connect shore power, I turn the inverter off (this is done using the remote switch in the coach).

So, as far as it appears, the modification of removing the GFI and replacing with a standard outlet was a success. I'm sure the switching component would work when connecting/disconnecting shore power, but I feel more comfortable with my process especially since we are not sure why the first inverter burned out.

Next trip is coming mid/late March - Boyd's in Key West for a week....will be a well needed vacation and  Jeff's birthday celebration trip.

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