Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Where's my Mail?

One of the most interesting (or irritating depending on your outlook) things I see on RV groups is people asking how to get their mail while being full time. Many of these people have simply sold everything, jumped in their camper and hit the road with no prior planning. I might like living spontaneously in where I go to dinner but not how I live. For each their own and I wish them well along their journey. I’m somewhat a planner and like to have my “ducks in a row” so I’m not scrambling later.

Even in our digital world, we cannot live without mail of some type. Most of the time our monthly credit card bills and the like can be viewed online; but, there are other things that still rely on mail notices – vehicle or license renewals, for example. As a Floridian I can perform my renewal online but I need to have a place to receive the actual paperwork or license.

As a full time RVer the first step before resolving the mail issue concerns picking a domicile state. Another post will deal with that specific and suggestions. Suffice it to say you need to decide where you want your address to be located. Once that decision is made you can then research mail forwarding services.

Mail forwarding services provide you a physical address in your domicile state and will collect your mail as it comes in. Depending on the service you usually can view scans of the envelopes online and choose to have the item forwarded to your current location, shredded, or held for future disposition.

Of course, some full timers may have decided to keep their residence or have close family that will allow them to use their address. All of this is moot if you fall into that category. 

There are numerous mail services and I’ve listed some below. Some are strictly in one state while others can provide a physical address in multiple states. Again, picking your domicile state is critical. Each has their own rates and variations of service levels. All will require a completed USPS Form 1583.

As of this publishing we have not chosen our mail forwarding provider. We do know that Florida will be our domicile, and the Escapees service is on top of the list right now. Since we are already Florida residents we only need change address and get new driver’s license, etc.

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