Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Full Timing Activated

Three days ago, Saturday, May 29, 2021 we embarked on our full time journey. Earlier in the week the house closed, we transitioned ourselves into the RV at the KOA in Clearwater/Tarpon Springs and hit the road that morning. 

As Murphy's Law applied itself, we had some troubles with the Wrangler. After a small drive up the road we pulled into Camping World to try and get to the bottom of the issue. After some experiments and visual inspection we discovered that the Wrangler's transfer case was slipping out of neutral as soon as we tried to move. So, we unhooked, drove back to Beth's Mom's house and stored the jeep to get get a service appointment when we return from Mayo, FL - just a week away. We will pull into Three Lakes RV in Hudson, FL the 6th of June and have an appointment to take the jeep in on the 7th. Uber is our friend 😁

The trip here to Mayo, FL and the Suwannee River Rendezvous RV park was uneventful. We arrived, found our spot, leveled, hooked up power to get the AC going for the dogs and then walked down to the office to check-in. Upon walking back we noticed that our entrance steps would not fully retract - so, as it is always something we will have a mobile RV service that we have used before come out and give us a hand. Jeff did as much preliminary troubleshooting as possible, but it seems the gear box may be stripped.

Nothing major to really complain about, and a moving home will always have something that needs to be done - whether it is typical maintenance or something that needs repairing. All part of the experience. We still have some surreal feelings but it is slowly taking hold that we have successfully done this move. Jeff will continue to work remote for the time being but will only be doing so for a short period of time. We have also experienced relaxation, after a very hectic month of selling a house and transitioning over. And we enjoyed that cocktail the very first night....😎